Science Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Paul Downie from UK. Many thanks Paul, great job!

1. In food science, what do the initials GM stand for?

2. How heavy, in kilograms, is a litre of water?

3. What is the term for a positive electrode?

4. Betz cells are found in which part of the body?

5. Which part of the eye gives it its colour?

6. Which substance is most used for pencil lead?

7. What invention of Sir John Harington?s in 1589 proved a great convenience?

8. Of what is a lux a unit?

9. At what speed in mph does a wind become a hurricane?

10. Who first claimed that the world was not flat but a sphere?


1. Genetically modified.

2. One kilogram

3. Anode

4. The brain

5. The iris.

6. Graphite

7. The water closet (an early lavatory)

8. Illumination

9. 73 mph.

10. Pythagoras


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