Pauls Science and Technology Quiz 1

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1. Brent Blend, Tapis, Minas and Midway Sunset Heavy are well-known classifications of what expensive commodity?

2. Ranger, Pioneer, Viking, Galileo and Cassini are some notable examples of what?

3. Belgrano II, Jinnah, Vostok, McMurdo, Great Wall, Arctowski, Davis and Halley are all examples of what?

4. An EMP bomb. What do the letters E M P stand for?

5. Which scientific word translated means 'disease producer'?

6. Mars has two moons, can you name them? (One point for each)

7. Plus or minus 50 years, how long does it take Pluto to orbit the sun?

8. Where in the human body is the LUNULA located?

9. The animal "Struthio camelus", which can grow to nine feet (2.7 metres) tall, can be trained to successfully herd sheep. What is the more common name of this animal?

10. Which modern scientific word is Latin for 'amount'? (7 letters)

11. Which planet in our solar system is named after the Roman god of, amongst other things, commerce and thievery?

12. The three key combination Ctrl-Alt-Delete can be used to reboot your personal computer or to summon its task manager. Computer geeks sometimes use which expression from the Star Trek TV series to descibe this?


1. Crude Oil (Brent Blend from the North Sea, Tapis from Malaysia, Minas from Indonesia and Midway Sunset Heavy from California)

2. Space missions (U.S. Planetary Science Missions)

3. Antarctic research stations or bases.

4. Electro Magnetic Pulse

5. Pathogen

6. Phobos and Deimos

7. 248.54 years

8. Fingernail (it is the white crescent shape at the base of the finger nail)

9. The ostrich

10. Quantum

11. Mercury

12. Vulcan Nerve Pinch


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