Tennis Quiz 2

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1. How many times did Bjorn Borg win the men?s singles finals at Wimbledon?

2. Which championships make up the Grand Slam?(any 3 of the 4)

3. What was Australian player Evonne Cawley?s maiden name?

4. At what score does a tie-break come into operation?

5. Jennifer Capriatti was Olympic singles champion in 1992. Which country does she represent?

6. Who was the only Afro-American man to win major tennis championships?

7. Which film actress was married to John McEnroe?

8. In which country did the Game of Tennis originate in the Middle Ages?

9. Who was nicknamed ?Horrible Hana? by the British Press?

10. American teams have recorded most wins in the Davis Cup, which country comes second?


1. 5

2. Wimbledon, US Open, French Championship, Australian Championship

3. Goolagong

4. When the score reaches 6 games all

5. United States

6. Arthur Ashe

7. Tatum O?Neal

8. France

9. Hana Manlikova

10. Australia


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