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1. What's the oldest stroke used in competitive swimming?

2. How many mushrooms does a bar billiards table have?

3. What's the world's largest legal bookmaking firm?

4. What's the most travelled sports team?

5. Who first scored a century and took 10 wickets in the same test match?

6. What year did Mexico City host the Summer Olympics?

7. Who did Bjorn Borg beat for his first Wimbledon title?

8. What football player was known as 'the black pearl'?

9. What's the name of the white ball in snooker?

10. What jockey first captained a team on the programme 'A Question of Sport'?

11. What is Moscow's most famous football club?

12. How many Israeli athletes were killed at the Munich Olympics?

13. How many ways are there of being out in cricket?

14. How many players are there in a field hockey game?

15. Who was Britain's 1972 Olympic pentathlon golden girl?

16. What racecourse stages 'The Lincoln'?

17. What sporting event was the subject of a Dennis Waterman film?

18. What Grand Prix Formula 1 car had six wheels?

19. What is the closely cut grass that surrounds a golf green called?

20. What identifies the leader in the Tour de France?


1. The breastroke

2. 4

3. Ladbrokes

4. The Harlem Globetrotters

5. Ian Botham

6. 1968

7. Ilie Nastase

8. Eusebio

9. The Cue Ball

10. Willie Carson

11. Dynamo Moscow

12. Eleven

13. 10

14. 22

15. Mary Peters

16. Doncaster

17. The first football World Cup

18. The Tyrell

19. The Apron


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