Sport Quiz 10

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1. In feet, how high above the floor is the hoop on a basketball court?

2. How many balls are there on the table at the start of a game of 8-ball pool?

3. In the 1984 Olympics, who did Zola Budd accidentally trip up?

4. Peter Shilton played his 1000th league game with which club?

5. In the English and Scottish football leagues, which team has the longest name?

6. How long is a ten-pin bowling lane? 60 feet, 80 feet or 100 feet?

7. In 1977 which British golfer became the youngest ever to play in the Ryder Cup?

8. Which Dutchman won the men's singles title at Wimbledon in 1996?

9. What is the maximum length in inches of a baseball bat, to within 2 inches either way?

10. Which heavyweight boxer was nicknamed "The Real Deal"?

11. Who were the beaten finalists in both the 1974 and 1978 soccer World Cup finals?

12. In what decade did Roger Bannister first break the 4 minute mile barrier?

13. How much did Rio Ferdinand transfer to Man Utd for?

14. Who was the first footballer to score 100 goals in the English Premiership?

15. How many holes did Ernie Els play to win the British Open?

16. What are Philadelphia's American Football team called?

17. What type of racing has only two cars competing on the track at the same time?

18. The winner of which sporting event is awarded the "Venus Rose Water Dish"?

19. What is the name of the Test cricket ground in Birmingham?

20. What is the lowest score that cannot be scored with a single dart?


1. Ten feet

2. Sixteen (7 reds, 7 yellows, 1 black, 1 cueball)

3. Mary Decker

4. Leyton Orient

5. Inverness Caledonian Thistle

6. 60 feet

7. Nick Faldo

8. Richard Krajicek

9. 42 inches

10. Evander Holyfield

11. Holland

12. 1950?s

13. ?30 million

14. Alan Shearer

15. 77

16. Philadelphia Eagles

17. Drag racing

18. Ladies singles at Wimbledon

19. Edgbaston

20. 23


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