Sport Quiz 11

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1. Which swimming stroke was not introduced into the Olympic Games until 1956?

2. In which month is the Epsom Derby now traditionally held?

3. Which sporting event has been successively sponsored by Guinness, Mars and ADT?

4. Which sport takes place in a velodrome?

5. With which sport would you associate the Eisenhower trophy?

6. Who was the first Frenchman to have been Formula One World Champion?

7. The Isle of Man T.T. Races: What do the letters TT stand for?

8. How many players are there in an ice hockey team?

9. Who was the first American to win the Tour de France?

10. In snooker, what colour ball is spotted on the centre of the table?

11. How many reds are there in a frame of snooker?

12. What are Tif-Dwarf, bent and T-328?

13. Which boxer was known as ?The Brockton Blockbuster??

14. Which cricket team plays at Grace Road?

15. Who said ?Football is not a matter of life and death - it?s more serious than that ??

16. On a dartboard what number will you find at 9 O?clock?

17. What accident ended Gored Bank?s Goalkeeping career?

18. At what age did Tracy Austin make her Wimbledon debut?

19. Ray Wilkins, Ray Harford & Gerry Francis have all managed which football club?

20. Who are the only Football League Club that have been allowed to play in Y-Fronts?

21. What was the transfer fee for Alan Shearer to move from Blackburn rovers to Newcastle united in 1996?

22. Who was the English player to win the embassy snooker world championship in 2001?

23. What is thrown in the Olympics weighing 4lb 6oz?

24. Which sport uses the term's slap shot, face-off and wrap-around?

25. What is the nickname of the New Zealand rugby union team?

26. Alan minter was undisputed world champion at which weight?

27. Who won the formula 1 drivers championship in 1994?

28. Which Australian tennis player and world no.1 went out in the first round of the 2002 Australian open?

29. If you were standing in a diamond, what game would you be playing?

30. In golf what name is given to the number 10 iron?


1. Butterfly

2. June

3. London Marathon

4. Cycling

5. Golf

6. Alain Prost

7. Tourist Trophy

8. 6

9. Greg LeMond

10. Blue

11. 15

12. They are all types of grass found on a golf course

13. Rocky Marciano

14. Leicestershire

15. Bill Shankly

16. 11

17. A Car Crash

18. 14

19. Queens Park Rangers

20. York City. In the 70?s they played in a red shirt with a Y on it

21. ?15 Million

22. Ronnie O'Sullivan

23. Discus

24. Ice Hockey

25. All Blacks

26. Middleweight

27. Michael Schumacher

28. Leighton Hewit

29. Baseball

30. Wedge


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