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1. In American Football, what phrase is used to describe the team which defends the player who kicks off and thus incurs extreme violence from their opponents?

2. How many players are there in a cricket team?

3. Which football league club plays its home matches at Old Trafford?

4. With which sport do you associate ?Flushing Meadow??

5. Who was the first woman to ride in a Grand National?

6. With which sport do you associate Cowdray Park?

7. Which course is associated with Golfs Masters tournament?

8. In which country did the first World Cup Final take place?

9. Which sport would you be playing if you aimed to win the Lance Todd Memorial Trophy?

10. Which American tennis player won the Women?s Singles title at Wimbledon in 1974, 1976 and 1981?

11. By what name is the Australian Rugby Union team known?

12. In which country did the game of squash originate?

13. Normally a game of table tennis is played up to how many points?

14. What does the TT stand for in motorcycling?s TT races?

15. What is the maximum number of gears allowed on a speedway motorcycle?

16. In chess what is another name for the Castle?

17. Name the British Swimmer who won a gold medal at the 1976 Olympics in the 200 metres Breaststroke?

18. Who were the first champions of the football league in 1888-1889?

19. Name both English football league clubs Stanley Mathews played for?

20. How many hearts appear on the nine of hearts playing card?

21. In Cricket what do the initials M.C.C. stand for?

22. What is the minimum number of points needed to win a tennis set?

23. Which country usually play their home rugby union matches at Landsdowne Road?

24. Who was Britain?s first world heavyweight boxing champion?

25. Which British city hosted the 1970 Commonwealth Games?

26. In horse-racing, what term is given to a horse that has not yet won a race?

27. How many disciplines comprise the men?s gymnastic competition at the Olympic games?

28. Which American broke 7 world records and won 7 gold medals at the 1972 Olympic games?


1. The Suicide Squad

2. 11

3. Manchester United

4. Tennis

5. Charlotte Brew

6. Polo

7. Augusta National

8. Uruguay

9. Rugby League

10. Chris Evert

11. The Wallabies

12. England

13. 11

14. Tourist Trophy

15. 1

16. Rook

17. David Wilkie

18. Preston North End

19. Blackpool and Stoke City

20. 11

21. Marylebone Cricket Club

22. 24

23. Ireland

24. Bob Fitsimmons

25. Edinburgh

26. Maiden

27. 6

28. Mark Spitz


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