Sport Quiz 14

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1. How many players are there in a baseball team?

2. Sergey Bubka broke the world record 32 times at which sport?

3. The commonwealth games were held in Victoria in 1994, where is Victoria?

4. In Henry Cooper's epic fight with Ali which round did the fight get stopped?

5. Which game is sometimes described as 'bowls on ice'?

6. What sport do they play for the federation cup?

7. How many events make up the heptathlon?

8. Which Austrian downhill skier won a record 35-world cup races between 1974-85?

9. How long does a 15 round boxing match take?

10. What year did Alan Shearer sign for Newcastle?  

11. Which English footballer played for Blackpool and was the 1st European footballer of the year in 1956?

12. In which sport do you play for the Stanley cup?

13. Which African country were the first to reach the world cup quarterfinals?

14. Which jockey was the first to go through a seven race card?

15. Which England captain was at the centre of a ball-tampering row in 1994?

16. Which 3 races make up U.S. Triple crown?

17. What is the women's version of Ryder cup called?

18. How many skittles are used in a game of table skittles?

19. Who was the first black man to win Wimbledon?

20. Which rower was the first to win consecutive Olympic gold medals?


1. 9

2. Pole vault

3. Canada

4. Round five (thanks to Timo for correcting a previously wrong answer)

5. Curling

6. Tennis

7. Seven

8. Franz Klammer

9. 59 min

10. 1996

11. Stanley Matthews

12. Ice Hockey

13. Cameroon

14. Dettori

15. Atherton

16. Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes

17. Solheim Cup

18. Nine

19. Arthur Ashe

20. Steve Redgrave


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