Rugby Quiz 2

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1. Which Australian was the first to score 60 tries in international rugby?

2. Who was the first English player to play in 50 internationals?

3. Which country in 1995 asked to increase the number of teams in the 5 nations cup?

4. Which colours do Bath play in?

5. Which Welsh Union player was a regular captain on A Question of Sport?

6. For which side did Brian Bevan score 740 tries in 620 matches?

7. Where would you watch the Rhino?s playing rugby?

8. Which international side has the shortest name?

9. Who retired as Scottish Captain after the 1995 World Cup?

10. Which ground do you associate the Varsity with?  

11. What's the nickname of the Australian Rugby League side?

12. Which rugby player (now a forwards coach) was born in Nigeria, and made his debut in the Five Nations for England against Ireland in 1994?

13. Who did New Zealand beat 145-7 in the 1995 Rugby world cup?

14. What are the forenames of former Wales rugby international JPR Williams?

15. Who won the first Rugby Union World Cup, held in 1987?


1. David Campese

2. Rory Underwood

3. Italy

4. Blue, Black and White

5. Gareth Edwards

6. Warrington

7. Leeds

8. Fiji

9. Gavin Hastings

10. Twickenham

11. Kangaroos

12. Stephen (Steve) Ojomoh

13. Japan

14. John Peter Rhys

15. New Zealand


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