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The following quiz questions were submitted by George Martin from the UK (Not _the_ George Martin presumably!). Thanks George, great job

Sports Quiz1. Beth Heiden, Christa Rothenburger and Sheila Young have all been world champions at speed skating and which other sport?

2. Which Englishman took all ten Australian wickets in a Test match innings in 1956 for just 53 runs?

3. Which of the following sports involves the highest number in each team ; American Football, Association Football, Australian Rules Football, Gaelic Football?

4. Whom did Virgina Wade beat in the final to win the 1977 Wimbledon Singles tournament?

5. Which sporting trophy was held by the United States for 132 years until a team from Perth, Australia won it in 1983?

6. What is the maximum number of clubs that a golfer is allowed?

7. In 1986 which became the first country to host footballs World Cup for a second time?

8. Under international rules of speedway, what is the maximum number of gears allowed on a motorcycle?

9. Which was the only football team from a commonwealth country to play in the 1994 World Cup Final tournament in the USA?

10. In which sport might you encounter a peleton and a maillot jaune?  


1. Cycling

2. Jim Laker

3. Australian Rules Football (18 a side)

4. Betty Stove

5. Americas Cup

6. 14

7. Mexico

8. One

9. Nigeria

10. Cycling


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