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The following quiz was submitted by Vikram Rakesh from India. Many, many thanks Vikram, a really tough quiz round that one!

Cricket Quiz1. So far (Oct 2008) there has only been one century by an Indian against Australia in a World Cup match. Who scored it and in which year?

2. An amateur guitarist for 30 years, a science teacher and first-class opening batsman for 16 years. Who are we talking about?

3. He once super-glued his gloves to his bat's handle because of a problem with his grip. Identify this Kiwi.

4. Which West Indian player, portrayed as a budding Sobers, shared the new ball with the likes of Roberts and Holder in 1974?

5. Australia and India compete in Tests for the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. When was it first fought over?

6. The 1974 Indian tour of England saw the first one dayer being played between the two countries. The first Indian bowler to take a one-day wicket was Eknath Solkar. Who was his victim?

7. Sourav Ganguly, celebrated the Nat West Trophy win by ripping off his shirt and dancing round the balcony. When criticised for his action by a section of the press, he said that he was simply paying somebody back in the same coin. Who?

8. The first-ever Test between India and Australia saw the latter winning by an innings and 226 runs. However, this match at Brisbane is famous for another reason. What is it?

9. Like most celebrity cricketers of his time, Gavaskar also had his stint in the English County. Which county did he play for? Hint: it has also hired greats like Viv Richards and Steve Waugh.

10. Though he played only four Tests in his career, this player was instrumental in a great victory at Perth in December 1977 as he almost single-handedly pulled the match in Australia's favour by doing something exceptional in the fourth innings. What is the player's name?


1. Ajay Jadeja in 1999

2. John Wright

3. John Wright, again I am afraid!

4. B Julian. Keith Boyce was also one of the pace battery, but he was never projected as a successor to Sobers

5. 1996

6. Geoff Boycott, who allegedly had a weakness against left arm seamers

7. Andrew Flintoff, who had opened his shirt revealing his bare torso in a one-dayer against India at Wankhade stadium

8. Only time Sir Donald Bradman was out hit wicket (To Lala Amarnath, after scoring 185)

9. Somerset

10. Tony Mann (He scored a century as a night-watchman. Given to score 340 fo a win, Australia won the match by two wickets, mainly due to his totally superlative effort, duly assisted by a fine 83 by Peter Toohey)


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