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Sports Quiz1. Who was the bearded doctor from Bristol who became the best batsman in England in the late 19th century?

2. Which athletic event commemorates Pheidippides, who carried to Athens news of a Greek victory over the Persians?

3. Which team won the 1988 FA Cup Final?

4. Which runner broke the world record for the 100 metres at the 1988 Olympic Games but was disqualified for using drugs?

5. Name the four strokes in competitive swimming?

6. Which brothers played in the England football team that won the 66 World Cup?

7. How many players are there in a Rugby league side?

8. Who became the first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes at Oxford in 1954?

9. What Boxing weight lies between light flyweight and Bantamweight?

10. In which city were the 1968 Summer Olympics held? 

11. In 1994 the Chinese sporting World Champions Lu Bin and Yang Aihua tested positive for drugs, in which sport?

12. Who was Wimbledon Women?s Singles champion in 1994?

13. Who was Olympic Boxing Light heavyweight Gold medallist in 1960?

14. Imran khan played cricket for Worcestershire and which other English county?

15. Which relatively new watersport was added to the Olympics in 1984?

16. In which sport did Wilt Chamberlain and Alton Byrd achieve fame?

17. What is the last event of the Decathlon?

18. In cricket, who scored England?s first test century?

19. Which was the first country to win the Football World Cup

20. Which sport is enjoyed by the Leander club?


1. W G Grace

2. The Marathon

3. Wimbledon

4. Ben Johnson

5. Freestyle, Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke

6. Bobby and Jackie Charlton

7. 13

8. Roger Bannister

9. Flyweight

10. Mexico City

11. Swimming

12. Conchita Martinez

13. Cassius Clay

14. Sussex

15. Synchronised swimming

16. Basketball

17. 1500m

18. WG Grace

19. Uruguay

20. Rowing


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