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Sports Quiz1. Why is the Calcutta cup so named?

2. Which famous trophy was stolen in 1966 and was later found by a dog?

3. Which type of sporting event do you associate with the annual Calgary stampede?

4. The King George V Gold Cup and Queen Elizabeth II Gold Cup are major competitions in which sport?

5. Which sport would you be competing in if you aimed to win the Lance Todd trophy?

6. With what sporting event do you associate Putney and Mortlake?

7. The Sam Maguire Trophy is the major championship in which sport? Australian Rules, Gaelic, Association, American or Football or Ludo

8. How often are the World Championships held in netball? (every 2 or 4 years)

9. In which sport do teams compete for the Federation Cup?

10. Which sport had its first world championship in Yugoslavia in 1951?

11. Osdal stadium in Bradford, The Willows in Salford and Central Park in Wigan, which sport is played at these venues?

12. Which sport was subject to the King Commission, an investigation into match fixing and betting?

13. Snooker?s World Professional Championship was staged outside the British Isles for the first time in 1975, In which country was it held?

14. What is the surname of cricketing brothers, Adam and Ben?

15. Who was the first British goalkeeper to win 100 caps at full International level?

16. Between 1975 and 1985 which jockey won the National Hunt title on seven occasions?

17. Which soccer team appeared in four FA Cup finals in the 1980?s but were victorious only once?


1. Made out of Rupees left in the bank by the disbanded Calcutta Rugby Club

2. Jules Rimet Trophy (Soccer World Cup)

3. Rodeo

4. Show Jumping

5. Rugby League

6. University Boat Race

7. Gaelic Football

8. Every 4 years

9. Tennis

10. Sky Diving / Parachuting

11. Rugby Union

12. Cricket

13. Australia

14. Hollioake

15. Pat Jennings

16. John Francome

17. Everton


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