Cricket Quiz 3

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The following quiz round was submitted by friend of the site, Matt Kuypers from the Freiburg Nomads cricket team, Germany. Many thanks Matt, a great round

Cricket Quiz1. Who was the first West Indian to play Test Cricket for England?

2. When Mark Waugh broke the record for Test catches by a fielder, who was the England batsman?

3. In 1981/82 Geoffrey Boycott became the highest run scorer in Test Cricket. Where did he achieve this feat?

4. Who is the only Nobel Prize winner to have played first-class cricket?

5. Graham Gooch was once no-balled for throwing. Which England spinner was he impersonating at the time?

6. England and West Ham football (soccer?) legend Sir Geoff Hurst played one first-class cricket match. For which county?

7. Name the only two Test cricketers whose first names begin with X?

8. Who was the first black man to captain West Indies in a Test Match?

9. What piece of cricket history was created at the end of the match between Smokers and Non-Smokers at Melbourne in 1877?

10. What was unique about Graeme Fowler`s two centuries in a match against Warwickshire in 1982?


1. Lord Harris of Kent and England b. Trinidad 3 February 1851

2. Darren Gough

3. Delhi

4. Samuel Beckett

5. John Emburey

6. Essex versus Lancashire in 1962

7. Xenephon Balaskas (South Africa) and Xavier Marshall  (Jamaica, West Indies)

8. George Headley in 1948

9. The first case of a batsman being dismissed Handled the Ball. The batsman, William Scotton, had picked it up after the last ball of the match to keep as a souvenir.

10. Both were performed with the aid of a runner


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