Horse Racing Quiz 3

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1. As the Knavesmire is to York, so the Carholme was to which course?

2. Diomed was the first winner of which great race?

3. How many Grand Nationals did Desert Orchid win?

4. How many individual bets make up a Yankee?

5. How many winners did Gordon Richards ride in the 1947 season?

6. In 1925 at Windsor, bookmakers went on strike. Against what?

7. In betting, how much is a monkey?

8. In his 1990 comeback which horse gave Lester Piggott his first winner?

9. In which country did Steve Donoghue ride his first winner?

10. In which Surrey town is Sandown racecourse?

11. In which year was the Derby first run?

12. In which years did Red Rum win the Grand National?

13. Lester Piggott shares his birthday with which annual event?

14. On which course in Australia is the Melbourne Cup run?

15. On which horse did Princess Anne win her first flat race?

16. Over which flat racing course is the Welsh Derby run?

17. Over which racecourse is the Ebor Handicap run?

18. Over which racecourse is the Greenham Stakes run?

19. Son of a famous father, who had his first winner at Kempton in 1978?

20. The Hambleton Cup, first run in 1612, is still run at which course?

21. What kind of a race is a 'Bumper'?

22. What is Dick Hern's real first name?

23. What is the first name of Peter Scudamore's father?

24. What is the real first name of Richard Dunwoody?

25. When is a racehorse's official birthday south of the equator?

26. When were women first elected to membership of the Jockey Club?

27. Where did Britain's first evening meeting take place?

28. Where did Jonjo O'Neill break his leg so badly that amputation was considered?

29. Where in Doncaster did the St Leger take place before it was transferred to Town Moor?

30. Where is the Happy Valley racecourse?  


1. Lincoln

2. Derby

3. One

4. Eleven

5. 269

6. Betting tax

7. ?500

8. Nicholas

9. France

10. Esher

11. 1780

12. 1973, 1974 and 1977

13. Guy Fawkes Night

14. Flemington Park

15. Gulfland

16. Chepstow

17. York

18. Newbury

19. Walter Swinburn, Jnr

20. Thirsk

21. A National Hunt flat race

22. William

23. Michael

24. Thomas

25. August 1st

26. 1977

27. Hamilton

28. Bangor

29. Cantley Common

30. Hong Kong


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