Pauls Football World Cup Quiz 3

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1. In which city was the first Football World Cup game played indoors (under a roof)?

2. In which year was the first red card shown in a final of a World Cup? (clue, the losing finalists were shown 2 red cards) 

3. Which stadium has been the venue for two World Cup final matches?

4. Leonidas from Brazil won the Golden Boot in 1938 with 8 goals. What was his nickname?

5. In which year were each of the following World Cup balls?
    a. Telstar
    b. Questra
    c. Fevernova

6. Adidas has made every World Cup ball since 1970. Which British sporting goods company, one of the oldest in the world, made the ball for the 1966 Football World Cup?

7. Castro scored the winning goal in the first World Cup final in 1930. Unlike Maradona, what was his handicap?

8. During a World Cup match in 1982 the German keeper Harald 'Toni' Schumacher almost killed which French player with a kick box like tackle?

9. Which Football World Cup was the last to have a knock out format (no group stages)?

10. Italy won the 1934 World Cup at home. The world press however claimed they had a 12th man. What were they referring to?


1. Detroit City (Pontiac Silverdome Stadium in 1994)

2. 1990, West Germany vs Argentina (Monzon for a tackle on Klinsmann, 2nd yellow, and Dezotti for trying to strangle Kohler)

3. Estadio Azteca in Mexico City (1970 and 1986)

4. The Black Diamond

5. Three answers
    a. Mexico 1970
    b. USA 1994
    c. South Korea and Japan 2002

6. Slazenger

7. He was missing a hand

8. Patrick Battiston

9. France 1938

10. The referees (due to the many dubious decisions in favour of Italy throughout the tournament)


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