Wimbledon Quiz 3

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ian Hamilton from the UK.  Many thanks Ian, great job!

1. In 2000 who equalled Willie Renshaw's record of seven Wimbledon Men's Singles titles?

2. Who, aged 16 was the youngest winner of the Ladies Singles title in the 20th century?

3. In which year of the 1980's did the colour of the balls at Wimbledon change from white to yellow?

4. The first non British player to win the Men's Singles title did so in 1907.  What nationality was he?

5. Only two players other than the William's sisters have won the Ladies Singles title in the 21st century.  Which two?  (A point for each)

6. In 1954 the Czech born player Jaroslav Drobny won the Men's Singles title representing which country?

7. During the 20th century which player lost a record seven singles finals?  (Clue: A former ladies champion)

8. What did the Spanish lady Lili de Alvarez wear on court in 1931 to cause quite a stir in the staid tennis world?

9. Following the retirement of Alan Mills in 2006 who was appointed the new Tournament Referee?

10. In the very first ladies final in 1884 two British sisters played each other for the title.  They were Maud and Lilian, but what was their surname?


1. Pete Sampras

2. Martina Hingis (Winner in 1997)

3. 1986

4. Australian (His name was Norman Brookes)

5. Maria Sharapova (2004) & Amelie Mauresmo (2006)

6. Egypt

7. Chris Evert (Lost in 1973, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1985 and 1985)

8. A divided tennis skirt (the forerunner of shorts) - (Accept either answer)

9. Andrew Jarrett

10. Watson (Maud was the eventual winner)


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