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The following quiz questions were submitted by Ken Dalton from the UK. Thanks Ken!

Cricket Quiz1. Who is the ?Bodyline? style bowling attributed to?

2. In a One-Day match, if a team needed 8 to win from the last ball of the innings, what should the batter do? 
    a: Just hit a single if possible.
    b: Just block it or leave it.
    c: Try to get as many runs as they can.
    d: Make sure that he doesn't get out - to improve the average.

3. Which businessman turned cricket upside-down in 1977 when he lured many test cricketers away from test matches to play World Series Cricket?

4. Who was the first batsman to score more than 500 runs in a single first-class innings?

5. Who was the first batsman to be given out 'obstructing the field' in test match cricket:
    a: Jonty Rhodes
    b: Joel Garner
    c: Len Hutton
    d: Charles Bannerman?

6. With which spinner did Nicorette chewing gum manufacturers Upjohn and Pharmacia sign a four-month deal on condition that he not smoke during that period?

7. When a bowler oversteps his mark, or is called for 'chucking', what would be the umpire's ruling?

8. Which team featured for the first time in the 1992, cricket World Cup.

9. Whose record did Len Hutton break when he set the record for the highest score ever made by an Englishman?

10. Which famous cricketer had a Test batting average of 99.94? (Clue: He was Australian)

11. Which player was dropped from his team though he had scored a double century in the prior test match:
    a: David Gower
    b: Geoffrey Boycott
    c: Sunil Gavaskar
    d: Allan Border?

12. Except for the fact that they are all Indian, what do K.S Ranjitsinghji, K.S Duleepsinghji, B.C Khanna, P.B Dutta, Swaranjit Singh, Santhosh Reddy and A.N Bhatia all have in common?


1. Harold Larwood Harold Larwood came up with his ?leg theory? for the 1932-33 Ashes series in England, when Australian captain Bill Woodfull said the famous quote of ?There are two teams out there, but only one team is playing cricket. The other is making no attempt to do so?.

2. c: Try to get as many runs as they can The bowler might bowl a no-ball, so the best thing to do is try for a six or four and hope. In this particular end-of-innings context, if the batter hits a six from a no-ball, then the scores are tied with one legal delivery still remaining.

3. Kerry Packer

4. Brian Lara Lara scored 501 not out for Warwickshire against Durham in 1994. Hanif Mohammed came close. He scored 499 for Karachi against Bahawalpur in 1958.

5. c: Len HuttonIt is extremely rare for a batter to be given out in this way. In fact, in the first 125 years of test cricket through to the end of the 20th century, it only happened once. Len Hutton (England) was given out in the August 1951 Test England v South Africa - 5th Test - at Kennington Oval.

6. Shane Warne

7. No BallHe would signal this by raising his right arm horizontally and to the side of his body. Umpire Darrell Hair once no-balled Sri Lankan spinner Murali Muralitharan 7 times in one over for 'chucking' the ball, back in 1995.

8. South Africa. They did not appear in the previous editions because of apartheid

9. Walter Hammond Hutton broke his record six years after Hammond set it. Hammond broke the record set by Andrew Sandham

10. Donald Bradman Sir Donald George Bradman was Australia's best-ever cricketer with a total of 6996 Test runs. His highest Test score was 334, which former Aussie captain Mark Taylor once equalled. In his last innings he was bowled for a fourth ball duck, only needing 4 runs for an average of 100, but received a standing ovation nonetheless. 'The Don' was knighted, but sadly the great man passed away in February 2001.

11: b: Geoffrey Boycott, because of his incredibly slow scoring rate.

12. They all played for Cambridge University K.S Ranjitsinghji was the Indian to play for Cambridge in 1893, (he is also credited with inventing the leg-glance). Oxford also had its fair share of Indians - Nawab of Pataudi's, M.A Baig, Abbas Ali Baig etc.

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