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Sports Quiz1. In which sports would you find the following:
    a: a brassie 
    b: three in a bed 
    c: a mahout 
    d: a bonspiel?

2. Mr. Shepard was the first man to do what in the "world" of sport?

3. A word for a costly victory (in terms of injury or death). Seven letters, third letter "R", fouth letter "R".

4. Which Brazilian football legend had the nickname El Diamante Negro (the black diamond)?

5. What job do the ball boys have to do in elephant polo, which ball boys in tennis dont have to? (Clue, if needed: sounds like a bell)

6. What do Ben Johnson and Waterford Crystal both have in common?

7. Perhaps the greatest athlete in the world in 1912 was an American Indian. King Gustav V said while presenting his gold medals "Sir, you are the greatest athlete in the world". "Thanks King" was the reply! What was his name? (Clue, if needed: his gold medals were later taken away because US Olympic officials discovered he had played a season of baseball for 60 dollars as a young kid)

8. Who were the two "bad boys" of tennis in the early and mid 70s? (Clue, if needed: one was a Wimbledon singles winner, the other a finalist)

9. A seven year old French boy won an Olympic medal for Holland in 1900. Which sport did he participate in?

10. Complete Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill's famous line
    "no sports ........"


1. Four Answers
    a: golf 
    b: darts 
    c: elephant polo 
    d: curling

2. Play golf on the moon

3. PYRRHIC A Pyrrhic victory is a victory with devastating cost to the victor. The phrase is an allusion to King Pyrrhus of Epirus, whose army suffered irreplaceable casualties when he defeated the Romans during the Pyrrhic War at Heraclea in 280 BC and Asculum in 279 BC.

4. Le?nidas da Silva Le?nidas da Silva (September 6, 1913 ? January 24, 2004) was a Brazilian football player and commentator. He played for Brazil in two World Cups. He was the top scorer of the 1938 World Cup. He was known as the "Black Diamond", and as the "Rubber Man" ? due to his elasticity. He was one of the pioneers of the bicycle kick.

5. Clearing the dung from the playing field

6. Both were Olympic gold medal winners who's medals were taken away due to doping. Waterford Crystal was a horse of course and was the Republic of Ireland's only gold medal winner in Athens 2004.

7. Jim Thorpe

8. Two answers:
    Jimmy Connors and 
    Ilie (Nasty) Năstase. Ilie Năstase (born July 19, 1946, in Bucharest, Romania) is a former Romanian professional tennis player and one of the top players of the 1970s. Nastase was the World No. 1 in 1973 according to the Association of Tennis Professionals computer rankings, which placed him first from August 23, 1973, to June 2, 1974. In terms of public popularity, Năstase was then at the peak of his career, famous both for his technical and physical genius and for his good humour on court. But among referees and other players, his reputation for gamesmanship resulted in the nickname "Nasty" after several incidents where his temperament got the better of him. For one year, other players scorned him in locker rooms and did not speak to him.

9. Rowing, he was the coxswain

10. just whisky and cigars


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