Football Quiz 1

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Apologies to our American visitors but what you refer to as 'Soccer' is what the rest of the world call 'Football', hence the name of this quiz is "Football Quiz 1". We hope to introduce an American Football quiz in the near future.

1. Which former England football player was likened to Mary Poppins by one of the directors of his club?

2. What position did Pope John Paul II play for the Polish amateur football team Woytyla?

3. What is the only football team in the top 4 English divisions that can?t have its name shaded in whilst the pools results are being read out? (i.e It does not contain the letters a,b,d,e,g,o,p,q)

4. Andoni Goiocochea once broke Maradona?s leg in four places, what was his nickname in Spanish football?

5. In 1974 who was sacked from his position of England football manager?

6. Which footballer was sent off in only his second game for Wales in 1995?

7. What was described as the footballing equivalent of World War III?

8. Which footballer?s autobiography is entitled ?Le Magnifique??

9. Which is the only football club in the Scottish League to be based in England?

10. Who became the youngest ever scorer in the football world cup in 1998?

11. Which was the first European team to win Football?s world cup?

12. How many full England caps did Steve Bruce win?

13. Which Scot played for Torino in 1961-62?

14. On August the 21st, 1965, Keith Peacock became the first what in a football league match?

15. In what year was: 
    a: the first FA cup final held at Wembley?
    b: the first Wembley FA final to require a replay?

16. By what name was the UEFA Cup known prior to the 1971-1972 season?

17. Which English Football club was the first to have an all-seater stadium?

18. Who became the first president of the International Association of Professional Footballers in 1995?

19. Which was the first Scottish Soccer club to reach the UEFA Cup Final?

20. Which football club?s ground was used as a prisoner of war camp until May 1945 during the second World War:
    a: Derby County, 
    b: Swindon Town, 
    c: Bristol Rovers, 
    d: Cardiff City or 
    e: West Bromwich Albion?


1. Alan Shearer

2. Goalkeeper

3. Hull City

4. The Butcher of Bilboa

5. Alf Ramsey

6. Vinny Jones

7. Iran vs USA in the World Cup

8. David Ginola

9. Berwick Rangers

10. Michael Owen

11. Italy

12. None

13. Denis Law

14. Substitute

15. a: 1923, b: 1970

16. The Fairs Cup

17. Coventry City

18. Diego Maradonna

19. Dundee United (86/87)

20. b: Swindon Town

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