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Sports Quiz1. What do Hamilton in Canada, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Kingston in Jamaica have, amongst others in common?

2. Which British cities other than London has hosted the final of the European cup?

3. What sport was the subject of the best selling book Rare Air?

4. What trophy did the wanderers and the Royal Engineers contest for the first time in 1872?

5. Which Spanish ball game is the fastest of all ball games?

6. Over how many holes is the British Open Golf tournament contested?

7. The governing body of which sport has its headquarters at Hurlingham in London? 
    a: Football, 
    b: Cricket, 
    c: Polo, 
    d: Darts, or 
    e: Lawn Tennis

8. Which runner held world records simultaneously at 1500m, 2000m, 3000m and 5000m in 1990?

9. What sport was introduced to Britain in 1867 by a party of Caughnawaga Indians from Canada?

10. What is the exact imperial distance of a marathon race?

11. Who was the female competitor excused a sex test at the 1976 Olympics?

12. What is the name of the long staff with an iron tip used in mountaineering?

13. How many players are there in a netball team?

14. Who was the first man to swim the English Channel in 1875?

15. The 3 stars is the national ice hockey team of which country?

16. How did the game of Badminton get its name?

17. If black is always with blue, and red always partnered by yellow, What is the Sport?

18. What is the American Golfing term for a Hole-in-one?

19. Which sportsman said ?In my sport the quick are too often listed amongst the dead??

20. On a dartboard, what number is opposite 20?

The following few questions related to Celtic Football Club, Also known as Glasgow Celtic FC.

21. The following individuals are all connected with Celtic FC, for each name the nationality:
    a: Pat Bonner (NI / IRE / ENG ?)
    b: Wim Jansen (NED / BEL / ICE)
    c: David Hay (ENG / IRE / SCO)
    d: Bobo Bald? (NIG / SAM / GUI)
    e: Teddy Bjarnason (ICE / SWE / NOR)
    f: Jozef Venglo? (CZE / SLO / POL)

22. The Scottish Cup final win for Celtic against which team in 1937 was attended by a crowd of 146,433 at Hampden Park in Glasgow, which remains a record for a club match in European football
    a: Rangers
    b: Motherwell
    c: Aberdeen?

23. In the same year (1937), Celtic lost a match 0-8 in a record defeat. Against which team was this defeat recorded, was it:
    a: Dundee
    b: Motherwell or
    c: Rangers ?

24. Celtic and Hibernian hold the record for the biggest transfer fee between two Scottish clubs. Celtic bought which player from Hibernian on 16 May 2007 for ?4.4m, was it
    a: Scott Brown
    b: Mark Brown or
    c: Paul Hartley ?


1. All have hosted the Commonwealth Games

2. Glasgow

3. Basketball

4. The FA Cup

5. Pelota

6. 72

7. Polo

8. Said Aouita

9. Lacrosse

10. 26 miles 385 yards  

11. Princess Anne

12. Alpenstock

13. Seven

14. Captain Mathew Webb

15. Sweden

16. First played at great Badminton in Gloucestershire

17. Croquet

18. An Ace

19. Jackie Stewart

20. 3

21. a: Irish, b: Dutch, c: Scottish, d: Guinea, e: Icelandic, f: Slovakian

22. c: Aberdeen F.C.

23. b: Motherwell 

24. a: Scott Brown


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