Horse Racing Quiz 1

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1. In 1990 Mr Frisk set a record time in which major race?

2. In which year was Red Rums 3rd win of the Grand national?

3. Where is the Lincoln handicap run?

4. Name any two of the three races that make up the triple crown?

5. Sam Arnull was the first jockey to win which race?

6. Which Irish jockey won the Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe four times?

7. To within two years, when did Lester Piggot first win the Derby?

8. Which classic race was sponsored by Gold Seal from 1984-92?

9. Which author rode Devon Loch to a near Grand national win in 1956?

10. What colour was Red Rum?  

11. Which Arthur Conan Doyle character had a horse named after him and subsequently a horse race?

12. Which of English classic horse races is named after a house in Epsom?

13. Mozart's piece of music "A musical joke" is the music associated with the BBC coverage of which sport?

14. At what height does a Pony become a Horse? (in hands)

15. In which country would you find the Flemington racecourse?

16. Which French town is noted for two things, Lace and a racecourse?


1. Grand national

2. 1977

3. Doncaster

4. 2000 Guineas, Derby, St leger

5. The Derby

6. Pat Eddery

7. 1954 (±2)

8. The Oaks

9. Dick Francis (Devon Loch seemed to try to jump a non-existent fence and fell 50 yards from the finish when clear in 1956, passing vistory to E.S.B.) - Thanks to Sarah Deane for correcting that one

10. Bay  

11. Brigadier Gerard

12. The Oaks (again)

13. Horse of the year show

14. 14.2 hands and over (allow 14 as a correct answer)

15. Australia

16. Chantilly


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