Rugby Quiz 1

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1. Who won Rugby’s Lance Todd award in 1988 and 1990?

2. How many points are awarded for a (converted) goal in rugby union?

3. Which English rugby union player's sister was killed on the Marchioness?

4. Which country is represented at Rugby Union by a team known as The Pumas?

5. Who left Llanelli in 1989 to play rugby league for Widnes?

6. Which rugby league club is nicknamed “the wires”?

7. British TV: Which rugby commentator helped to present "Its A Knockout"?

8. Why is the Calcutta Cup for rugby so named?

9. Which famous Australian rugby union try-scorer had spent most of his winters turning out in Italy?

10. On their shirts, the English Rugby Union team's emblem is a red rose, the Scots is a thistle. What is the Welsh emblem?

11. What are the forenames of former Wales rugby international JPR Williams?

12. What is the surname of the former New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Union brothers Robin and Zinzan?

13. Who won the first Rugby Union World Cup, held in 1987?

14. On his return to union which player said “Its a challenge I don’t particularly need”?

15. Which European nation has won the Grand Slam most times?

16. In which city was Jeremy Guscott born?

17. Which sponsor called last orders on its sponsorship of the Welsh League?

18. Which English club did Frano Botica join when he left Wigan?

19. Salford Reds ended which clubs challenge cup run in the 1990s?

20. Who play at Knowesley Road?

21. Which country in the Southern hemisphere won leagues World Cup from 1975 to 1995?

22. Which Scot was British Lions captain for the 1993 New Zealand tour?

23. Who was 22 years old when he first captained England?


1. Andy Gregory

2. Seven

3. Lawrence Dallaglio

4. Argentina

5. Jonathan Davies

6. Warrington

7. Eddie Waring

8. Formerly a competition in Calcutta, India, the cup is the melted rupees from the competition.On Christmas Day 1872, a game of rugby football, between 20 players representing England on the one side and 20 representing Scotland, Ireland and Wales on the other, was played in Calcutta. The Calcutta Club joined the Rugby Football Union in 1874. The members decided to disband but keen to perpetuate the name of the club, they withdrew the club's funds from the bank; which were in Silver Rupees, had them melted down and made into a cup which they presented to the RFU in 1878, with the provision that it should be competed for annually.

9. David Campese

10. Prince of Wales feathers

11. John Peter Rhys

12. Brooke

13. New Zealand

14. Jonathan Davies

15. England

16. Bath

17. Heineken

18. Castleford

19. Wigan

20. St Helens

21. Australia

22. Gavin Hastings

23. Will Carling


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