Sport Quiz 3

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1. Which athlete won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics?

2. Who owns The Oval cricket ground?

3. Which Canadian was stripped of his gold medal at the 1988 Olympics after being found to have taken banned steroids?

4. Which football teams met in the first FA Cup final to be played at Wembley?

5. Which F1 champion was killed at Hockenhiem in 1965?

6. How high is the crossbar in Rugby?

7. Who did Boris Becker beat in his first Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final in 1985?

8. In which sport do teams compete for the James Norris Trophy?

9. In which sport might you encounter Spares and Strikes?

10. Who was the first bowler to take 300 wickets in test cricket?  

11. Who was the first female jockey to ride in the Grand National?

12. In 1967 which golfer made the first televised hole in one?

13. How many players are there in a baseball team?

14. On his 28th attempt to win the race, which jockey rode pinza to win the 1953 English Derby?

15. Which football team, in the Scottish league has their home ground in England?

16. In which year were the Olympic games first held in London?

17. In which event did Britons Nash and Dixon win a gold medal at the 1964 Winter Olympics?

18. Who became the world heavyweight boxing champion after the retirement of Rocky Marciano?

19. In the darts game 501, what is the least number of darts required for one player to ‘check out’?

20. Name three of the five English football league clubs with an X in their name?


1. Jesse Owens

2. The Prince of Wales

3. Ben Johnson

4. Bolton Wanderers & West Ham United

5. Jim Clarke

6. 3 metres (10 feet)

7. Kevin Curren

8. Ice Hockey

9. Ten pin bowling

10. Fred Truman  

11. Charlotte Brew

12. Tony Jacklin

13. Nine

14. Sir Gordon Richards

15. Berwick rangers

16. 1908

17. 2 man bob

18. Floyd Patterson

19. Nine

20. Crewe Alexander, Exeter City, Halifax Town, Oxford United, Wrexham


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