British TV Game Shows Quiz 1

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1. Alan Titchmarsh hosted Ask the Family in 1999, but who was the original host?

2. Which Snooker player assisted Jim Davidson on Big Break?

3. Name the three hosts of Blankety Blank?

4. Which Quiz had a catchphrase of ?I?ll have A ?P? Bob?

5. Tony Green assisted Jim Bowen on which TV quiz show?

6. Robin Ray, Robert Robinson & Bob Holness have all hosted which panel game?

7. What was the first game show shown on Channel 4?

8. What are the names of the two men who have hosted The Crystal Maze?

9. William G. Stewart hosts which TV Quiz Show?

10. Friends like these was hosted by which former pop duo?

11. What were the names of the FOUR original hosts of Game for A Laugh?

12. Who was Larry Grayson?s ?Glamorous Assistant? on The Generation Game?

13. Lionel Blair and Una Stubs were the original team captains on which charades based game show?

14. Who are the two team captains on Have I Got News for You?

15. Stuart Hall and Eddie Waring hosted which over the top 'sports' challenge game show?

16. John Hart, Roger Pritchard, Sir David Hunt & Fred Housego have all won which cerebral quiz show?

17. Who hosts the TV quiz It?s Only TV But I Like It?

18. Who hosted the cerebral & action quiz The Krypton Factor?

19. Which two people have hosted the BBC?s Masterchef?

20. What was the booby prize on 3-2-1?  


1. Robert Robinson

2. John Virgo

3. Terry Wogan, Les Dawson and Lily Savage

4. Blockbusters

5. Bullseye

6. Call My Bluff

7. Countdown (Also the first programme shown on channel 4)

8. Richard O'Brien and Edward Tudor Pole.

9. Fifteen To One

10. Ant and Dec (Ant McPartlin and Decland Donnelly)

11. Jeremy Beadle, Matthew Kelly, Henry Kelly, Sarah Kennedy.

12. Isla St Clair

13. Give Us A Clue

14. Paul Merton and Ian Hislop.

15. It?s A Knockout

16. Mastermind

17. Jonathan Ross

18. Gordon Burns

19. Lloyd Grossman & Gary Rhodes

20. Dusty Bin  


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