Cartoons and Animation Quiz 2

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1. Who is always in pursuit of the canary Tweety Pie?

2. What is Bugs Bunny?s catchphrase?

3. Why are the popular Tom & Jerry cartoons the most criticised of cartoons?

4. Name the cartoon cat who kept walking

5. Where do the flinstones live?

6. What breed of dog is snoopy from the peanuts cartoon?

7. Who has a girlfriend named Olive Oyl?

8. Who has the reputation as the fastest mouse in Mexico?

9. Chip N dale are the 2 clever chipmunks. What is the difference in their appearance?

10. What is the full name of the creators of Scooby Doo?


1. Sylvester

2. Whats up Doc?

3. Because of their Violence

4. Felix

5. Bedrock

6. Beagle

7. Popeye

8. Speedy Gonzalez

9. Chip has 1 tooth, Dale 2

10. William Hanna and Joseph Babbera


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