TV Costume Dramas Quiz 1

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Television Quiz1. In which Asian country was ?The Far pavilions? set?

2. During which European war was ?By the sword divided? set?

3. In Brideshead Revisited what sort of toy was Aloysius?

4. What is the profession of Eleanor Bramwell in the Victorian series?

5. Which MP played the title role in the series about Elizabeth I?

6. Which compass points formed the title of an American Civil War drama?

7. What was the profession of the Duchess of Duke street?

8. Which James Bond once played Mr Rochester in a TV version of Jane Eyre?

9. Who links Absolutely Fabulous? Saffron and Pride and Prejudice?s Lydia Bennet?

10. In Upstairs Downstairs what was butler Hudson?s first name?  


1. India

2. English Civil

3. Teddy Bear

4. Doctor

5. Glenda Jackson

6. North & South

7. Cook

8. Timothy Dalton

9. Julia Sawalha

10. Angus


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