Movie and Moviestars Quiz 18

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1. Which comedy duo were the stars of the movie 'Way Out West'?

2. In 1988 the Four Tops had a hit with 'Loco in Acapulco'. Which film was it taken from?

3. Who plays the grown-up Tarzan, in 'Greystoke, The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes'?

4. Which actress deposes John Gordon Sinclair from the school football team in the classic comedy 'Gregory's Girl'?

5. In which movie did Sean Connery play the role of monk, William of Baskerville?

6. Which movie is the odd one out and why: Raising Arizona, Fargo, Blood Simple, Seven, The Big Lebowski?

7. Which comedy duo starred in the films 'That Riviera Touch' and 'The Intelligence Men'?

8. What is the name of Robert Altmans film that is a wry look at the fashion industry?

9. In which movie did Bob Hoskins play the character Harold Shand?

10. Which film gave Robert Redford a Best Director Oscar in 1980?

11. Who won an OSCAR for best actor for his part in the 1967 film, 'In The Heat Of The Night'?

12. What was the surname of the reporter played by Robert Redford in All the Presidents Men?

13. Director and title role actor of the 1945 film Henry V, knighted in 1947 and created peer in 1970, who was he?

14. Which Australian actor appeared in the films 'Cocktail' and 'Gorillas In The Mist' as well as the TV series 'The Thorn Birds'?

15. Who played a bumbling accomplice of 007's in the film Never Say never Again?

16. Which actor has appeared in more James Bond films than any other?


1. Laurel and Hardy.

2. Buster.

3. Christopher Lambert.

4. Dee Hepburn.

5. The Name of the Rose.

6. Seven, The other movies were all written/directed by the Coen Brothers.

7. Morecambe and Wise.

8. Pret A Porter.

9. The Long Good Friday.

10. Ordinary People.

11. Rod Steiger.

12. (Bob) Woodwood.

13. Laurence Olivier.

14. Bryan Brown.

15. Rowan Atkinson.

16. Desmond Llewellyn (Q).

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