Horror Films and Thrillers Quiz 2

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1. What was the name of Richard Drefuss's character in "Jaws"?

2. In which US State does the action of "The Blair Witch Project" take place?

3. Who was the female star of "Rosemary's Baby"?

4. What is the name of the film featured in "Scream 2", which is based upon the murders in "Scream"?

5. Who played the role of Professor Van Helsing in "Bram Stoker's Dracula"?

6. How old was Regan MacNeil when she was possessed in "The Exorcist"?

7. Who produced the film "Poltergeist"?

8. Which actress co-starred with Jack Nicholson in "Wolf"?

9. Upon whose novel was the film "Carrie" based?

10. Which British studios were famous for their horror movies?  


1. Hooper

2. Maryland

3. Mia Farrow

4. Stab

5. Anthony Hopkins

6. 12

7. Stephen Spielberg

8. Michelle Pfeiffer

9. Stephen King

10. Hammer  


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