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Film Quiz1. Which child star of the silent movie era, best known for his role as the kid in 'The Kid' later went on to play the role of Uncle Fester in the TV series 'The Addams Family'?

2. Which silent screen star played an aging, forgotten silent screen star in Billy Wilder's 1950 classic 'Sunset Boulevard'?            

3. The following nicknames belonged to which silent film stars?
    a. The Face
    b. Babe
    c. Latin Lover
    d. Fatty
    e. America's Sweetheart
    f. The Great Lover

4. Many silent film stars failed to adjust to the transition from silent films to talkies There were exceptions. Who silenced the critics in her first talkie titled 'Anna Christie' with the opening line "Give me a whisky"?        

5. Legend has it that Harry Houdini gave Joseph Frank Keaton his nickname 'Buster' when he was a child.. Buster was a word used at the turn of the last century to describe what?

6. In which film was the voice of Charlie Chaplin heard for the first time?

7. Who is the only man who can be heard in the 1976 Mel Brooks film 'Silent Movie'?

8. The following are song lyrics that give Rudolph Valentino a mention. Name the song.
    a. I was kissin Valentino
    b. Rudolph Valentino looks very much alive, and he looks up ladies dresses as they sadly pass him by
    c. Be your Valentino just for you
    d. That I'm Rudolph Valentino, pull up in my limousine

9. Greta Garbo left which silent film star standing in the lurch on their wedding day?

10. Which English theatre impressario is credited with inventing the custard pie in the face gag which was later so popular in silent films?


1. Jackie Coogan

2. Gloria Swanson

3. Six answers
    a. Greta Garbo
    b. Oliver Hardy
    c. Rudolph Valentino
    d. Roscoe Arbuckle
    e. Mary Pickford
    f. John Gilbert

4. Greta Garbo ("Garbo Talks") "Give me a whisky, ginger ale on the side, and don't be stingy"

5. A fall or spill or tumble.

6. Modern Times. (the scene in which he plays the singing waiter)

7. Marcel Marceau

8. Four answers
    a. Manic Monday (Bangles)
    b. Celluloid Heroes (Kinks)
    c. Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (Queen)
    d. Right Before Your Eyes (America)

9. John Gilbert

10. Fred Karno


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