Connections Quiz 20

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1. Which Gerry Anderson creation worked for SPECTRUM?

2. Which sea did Moses part?

3. Which man of the cloth is a murder suspect in Cluedo?

4. In which 1980 film was Brooke Shields shipwrecked on a Desert Island?

5. Which book starred Alex DeLarge as a leader of a group of Thugs?

6. Which is the oldest national park in America?

7. Who had hits with the songs ?Lonely Boy? and ?Never let her slip away??

8. What is the title of the sixth novel in the Narnia Chronicles?

9. In 1999 what did Sunderland FC change its name to?

10. And the connection?  


1. Captain SCARLET

2. The RED Sea

3. Reverend GREEN

4. The BLUE Lagoon

5. A Clockwork ORANGE

6. YELLOW stone

7. Andrew GOLD

8. The SILVER Chair

9. The BLACK Cats

10. Colours


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