Easy General Knowledge Quiz 3

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The following quiz round was submitted by Nick from the UK, who described them as "Easy General Knowledge Questions". Anyway, thanks Nick - We say: A quiz is only easy when you know all the answers!!!

1. What colour beret is usually worn by United Nations peace-keeping troops

2. Which British TV comedy series starred Wendy Craig with Geoffrey Palmer as her dentist husband

3. Was John F. Kennedy a Democrat or Republican

4. At the start of a game of British monopoly how much does each player receive

5. The millionth of which British car rolled off the production line in 1961

6. What does the rhyming slang ?Hampsteads? mean

7. What does the organisation EXIT promote the use of

8. What major historic tourist attraction is situated in the Texan city of San Antonio

9. The BBC has documentary TV channel, akin to the contents of Radio 4. What is it called.

10. Hugo Drax was the villian of which James Bond Film

11. What is the capital town of the island of Sicily?

12. Who opened the Mother?s Clinic for Birth Control in London in 1921?

13. In which film did Peter Sellers play a gardener who becomes presidential advisor?

14. What is the Hofburg Palace in Vienna famous for?

15. What is the name of the postmistress in Postman Pat?

16. Who created the character of Tarzan?

17. In Morse code, which letter is denoted by a single dot?

18. Which country has the longest coastline in the world?

19. Which dress designer created the mini skirt?

20. In any given year what two consecutive months have the same number of days?

21. Who was the Roman goddess of flowers and the season of spring?

22. In 2006, which martial arts movie star launched his own cosmetics line in his native Hong Kong?

23. In geography, Hainan is an island province of which Asian country?

24. In geography, in which country are the first and second Bosporus Bridges?

25. What is a hornbeam?

26. Which garden flower, a favourite of Dame Edna Everage is sometimes known as the Sword Lily?

27. In what year did US pilot Chuck Yeager become the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound - 1947 or 1962?

28. Which unusual medical service began in Australia in 1928?

29. What was the first name of the male author Trollope, famous for such novels as "Barchester Towers"?

30. What is the name of the smallest owl in Britain - the snowy owl or little owl?


1. Light Blue

2. Butterflies

3. Democrat

4. ?1500

5. Morris minor

6. Teeth

7. Euthanasia

8. The Alamo

9. BBC 4

10. Moonraker

11. Palermo

12. Marie Stopes

13. Being There

14. The Spanish Riding School

15. Mrs Goggins

16. Edgar Rice Burroughs

17. E

18. Canada

19. Mary Quant

20. July & August (31)

21. Flora

22. Jackie Chan

23. China

24. Turkey

25. A tree

26. Gladiolus

27. 1947

28. Flying Doctor Service

29. Anthony

30. Little Owl


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