History Quiz 9

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1. Who was the first secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist Party at the time of the Russian invasion in 1968?

2. Which Crown Colony in Europe was ceded to Britain by the treaty of Utrecht in 1713 and is so important because it controls access to the Med.?

3. Who was the last monarch to be born in Scotland?

4. Name either of the 2 states that fought he Punic Wars?

5. On which small island did the USA first test their H bomb in 1954?

6. In which US city was the first skyscraper built in 1883?

7. Who was the first prime minister of Malawi was it ; Kenneth Kaunda, Hastings Banda or Johmo Kenyatta

8. Who was the German Chancellor at the time of the German surrender on 7th May 1945?

9. Which German Battleship was scuttled in 1939 after the battle of the river plate?

10. Which country invaded Abyssinia in 1935?

11. Which Sussex coastal resort has the same name as a famous eleventh century battle?

12. Which famous English explorer sailed in The Pelican, later re-named The Golden Hind?

13. Which French General and Emperor was forced to retreat from Moscow in 1812?

14. In 1086, a survey of England was conducted for William the Conqueror; what was this survey called?

15. Which British Field Marshall received the German surrender in 1945?

16. Henry VIII's first marriage was to the widow of his brother ; what was her name?

17. Which Archbishop of Canterbury was murdered in 1170 and later declared a saint?

18. Name three of Britain's 4 gold medal winning athletes at the 1980 Olympics

19. Which cruise ship sailed for the last time in 1967?

20. Name either of the Two pubs that were bombed in Birmingham in 1974?


1. Alexander Dubchek

2. Gibraltar

3. Charles I

4. Rome or Carthage

5. Bikini

6. Chicago

7. Hastings Banda

8. Admiral Doenitz

9. Admiral Graf Spee

10. Italy

11. Hastings

12. Sir Francis Drake

13. Napoleon Bonaparte

14. Domesday Book (Pronounced Doomsday)

15. Viscount Montgomery (Monty/Montgomery)

16. Catherine of Aragon

17. Thomas A Becket

18. Three of Sebastian Coe (1500m), Steve Ovett (800m), Allan Wells (100m) and Daley Thompson (Decathlon).

19. Queen Mary

20. Mulberry Bush and The Tavern in the Town


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