Noels Bizzare Quiz 2

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Thanks once again to Noel Stevens from the UK for this quiz round, great job!

1. According to a recent study by Get Safe Online, a British government-backed campaign group, what is the most popular password set by internet users in the UK?

2. Plus or minus ten, how many suicides are there every day in Japan:
    a: 19
    b: 90
    c: 190?

3. Until the end of which decade could the Royal Air Force's nuclear bombs be activated using a bicycle lock key?

4. If all the landfill rubbish sites across the UK were assembled in one location, how many square miles would it cover:
    a: 19 sq miles
    b: 59 sq miles
    c: 109 sq miles?

5. What percentage of people with no religion pray? (Answer within 5%)

6. A cylinder of platinum and iridium (held in Paris) is the only object known to scientists that has a mass of exactly what?

7. What do The Italian Mafia and Christianity have in common?

8. Which country has the third highest 'gun-ownership per person' in the world?

9. What was the highest value Britist banknote in legal circulation? (Hint: it was withdrawn in 1943)

10. Doing what everyday can improve a man's sperm quality - increasing their partner's chance of getting pregnant?

11. Drinking what has been blamed for half of all deaths of Russian men of working age?

12. Name five of the seven countries in the European Vodka belt.



2. b: 90

3. 1990s, amazingly

4. c: 109 sq miles

5. 12%

6. One kilogramme (Le Grand K, as it is known)

7. Commandments Mafia Prohibitions include frequenting bars and looking at friends' wives, while members are urged to treat their own wives with respect. The list was found during the arrest of Salvatore Lo Piccolo, the reputed new boss of the Sicilian Mafia.

8. Finland

9. ?1,000 notes

10. Having sex

11. Aftershave Russian men are risking death by drinking aftershave and cleaning agents, a study has suggested. UK researchers estimated that half of all deaths in working age men in the country are due to hazardous drinking. The products, which also include herbal tinctures sold in pharmacies, are widely available, cheap and contain up to 97% alcohol, the Lancet study says.

12. The seven countries are: 
    Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Denmark and Sweden.The vodka belt countries produce 70% of the EU's vodka although the drink is also made in countries such as Britain, France, Italy and Spain


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