Money Quiz 2

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1. Which British gold coin was introduced by Henry VII and became worth a pound in 1817?

2. In what year was Decimal currency introduced in the UK?

3. Which old English coin was equal to 4 pence?

4. What is the French phrase used to describe an office which deals in the exchange of Money?

5. How many cents make up an American Dime?

6. Where does the name Exchequer come from as in Chancellor of the Exchequer?

7. In world finance, what do the initials IMF stand for?

8. How many old pennies were there in a guinea?

9. On the stock exchange, what name was given to the person who sold shares in the expectation that prices would fall?

10. What is the American equivalent of the Financial Times Index?


1. Sovereign

2. 1971

3. One Groat

4. Bureau de Change

5. 10

6. From the checked tablecloth on which accounts were calculated in Norman times

7. International Monetary Fund

8. 252

9. Bear

10. Dow Jones Index


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