Comedy Quiz 2

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1. Which comedian of silent films was ruined in 1921 by a sex scandal?

2. Under what stage name did Maxwell George Lister do his funny walk?

3. What fairly unique thing connects Sid James with Tommy Cooper?

4. Who in the 1920s wrote such Aldwych farces as A Cuckoo in the Nest and Rookery Nook?

5. Which comedians real name is Roysten Vasey?

6. Which master of slapstick created the Keystone Cops?

7. Which long-running British humorous magazine now owned by Mohammed Al Fayed was founded in 1841?

8. Which cartoon strip is drawn by Garry Trudeau?

9. Which of the Marx Brothers was really named Arthur?

10. Which cartoon character is actually a Geococcyx californianus?


1. Fatty Arbuckle

2. Max Wall

3. Died on Stage

4. Ben Travers

5. Roy Chubby Brown

6. Mack Sennett

7. Punch

8. Doonesbury

9. Harpo

10. Road Runner


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