Brown Quiz 3

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1. Who was nicknamed The Brown Bomber?

2. What was the name of Joe Brown?s backing group?

3. Who invented the cartoon character Charlie Brown?

4. What was the actual first name of landscape gardener Capability Brown?

5. Which song by James Brown includes the lyrics ?It don?t mean nothing without a woman or a girl??

6. Which British cabinet position did George Brown occupy from 1966 to 1968?

7. Who is the bullying villain of the novel Tom Brown?s Schooldays?

8. Errol Brown was the lead singer with which group popular in the 1970s?

9. In snooker, when potting the colours in sequence, between which balls should the brown be potted?

10. Which writer created the character of the detective of Father Brown?  


1. Joe Louis

2. The Bruvvers

3. Charles Schulz

4. Lancelot

5. Its a mans mans mans world

6. Foreign Secretary

7. Flashman

8. Hot Chocolate

9. Green and Blue

10. G K Chesterton  

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