Pauls Beatles Quiz 3

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1. In which songs were the following sound effects heard? 
    a: a hammer 
    b: a chirping bird 
    c: an alarm clock ringing 
    d: jet engines by takeoff 
    e: a scratchy 78 rpm record

2. Dick Rowe of Decca records is remembered for which decision?

3. A Lennon and McCartney composition, not sung by the Beatles, was a number one hit in the USA in 1964. The title was "A world without love". Who sang it?

4. What attracted the attention of the police on the 30th of January 1969?

5. How often does the number 9 (or numbers) appear in song titles written by Lennon and McCartney and Lennon solo?

6. Who said (not sang) the following and on which album would you find it? 
    a: "You become naked" 
    b: "The Queen says no to pot smoking FBI members"

7. Which Beatles song is about Paul's mother?

8. In which songs would you find the following lyrics about rain? 
    a: "for tomorrow may rain" 
    b: "saving up your money for a rainy day" 
    c: "the rain washed away" 
    d: "like endless rain into a paper cup" 
    e: "you get your tan standing in the english rain" 
    f: "rain I dont mind" 
    g: "wearing raincoats" 
    h: "where the rain gets in" 
    i: "rain in my heart" 
    j: "in the pouring rain"

9. Name the three Beatles' titles with an exclamation mark !!!

10. What is dedicated to Mr Elias Howe ?


1. Five Answers:
    a: Maxwells silver hammer 
    b: Blackbird 
    c: A day in the life 
    d: Back in the USSR 
    e: Honey Pie

2. Turning down the Beatles

3. Peter and Gordon

4. The Beatles rooftop concert

5. Three times. One after 909, Revolution #9, #9 dream

6. Two Answers:
    a: Yoko. White album (in Revolution#9) 
    b: John. Let it be. (between the songs "The long and winding road" and "For you blue")

7. Let it be. "mother Mary comes to me". Paul's mother Mary appeared to him once in a dream.

8. Ten Answers:
    a: I'll follow the sun 
    b: Ballad of John and Yoko 
    c: The long and winding road 
    d: Across the universe 
    e: I am the walruss 
    f: Rain 
    g: Two of us 
    h: Fixing a hole 
    i: Please please me 
    j: Penny lane

9. "Help!", "Oh! darling" and "Being for the benifit of Mr Kite!"

10. The film "Help". He invented the sewing machine, 1846


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