Alphabetical Quiz 2

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. Who starred in both MASH and the film The Four Seasons?

2. What is the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?

3. In which film was the spaceship called the Nostromo?

4. What word is used in Hawaii as a farewell?

5. Who had a Top Ten hit with Tijuana Taxi?

6. Al Capone - what is Al short for?

7. In which village is The Archers set?

8. What was the food of the Roman and Greek gods?

9. What is known as The Bishop's Stone?

10. What is the name of the island in Jaws?

11. Which tennis player appeared in Bond film Octopussy?

12. In which city is the Sikh's Golden Temple?

13. What city does Schipol airport serve?

14. What singing group comprised Laverne, Maxine and Patty?

15. What is the nearest galaxy to our own?  


1. Alan Alda

2. Alice through the Looking Glass

3. Alien

4. Aloha

5. Herb Alpert

6. Alphonse

7. Ambridge

8. Ambrosia

9. Amethyst

10. Amity

11. Vijay Amritraj

12. Amritsar

13. Amsterdam

14. Andrews Sisters

15. Andromeda


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