7th June Quiz

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1) Born on this day in which century the English dandy George Bryan Beau Brummell?

2) Born on this day 1909 the English born US actress who won an Oscar for driving Miss Daisy?

3) Born on this day 1928 James Ivory the US film director with which Indian producer did he make films such as a Passage to India?

4) Died on this day 1970 the author of A passage to India?

5) Born on this day 1940 Thomas Woodwood, how is he better known?

6) On this day 1950 the first episode of which program which is still on today was broadcast?

7) Died on this day 1329 Robert the Bruce from what?

8) On this day in which year, Queen Elizabeth II?s silver jubilee?

9) On this day 1945 performed for the first time Peter Grimes , who wrote it?

10) Died on this day 1988 Peter Hurkos the man who helped to capture many a US criminal, what was unusual about his method of detection?  


1) 18th (1778)

2) Jessica Tandy

3) Ismail Merchant

4) EM Forster

5) Tom Jones

6) The Archers

7) Leprosy

8) 1977

9) Benjamin Brittan

10) Telepathy  


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