7th March Quiz

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1) Born on this day 1875 Maurice Ravel, what piece of music (1928) is probably his most famous?

2) Born on this day 1930 Anthony Armstrong Jones, how is he better known?

3) Born on this day Rik Mayall, the star of the New _____ ? what?

4) Born on this day 1952, which West Indian cricketer in Antigua?

5) Born on this day 1960, the Czech tennis player, who has never won Wimbledon, who?

6) Died on this day 1988, Harris Milstead, the transvestite disco singer, what was his stage name?

7) Which society did John Wedgwood, the son of Josiah Wedgwood, found On this day 1804?

8) On this day 1876, who patented the first telephone capable of sustained articulated speech?

9) On this day 1918 The Russian Communist Party was formed, how was this group known before then?

10) On this day 1975, Lesley Whittles body was found, by what name did her killer Donald Neilson go?  


1) Bolero

2) Lord Snowdon

3) Statesmen

4) Viv Richards

5) Ivan Lendl

6) Divine

7) The Royal Horticultural Society

8) Alexander Graham Bell

9) The Bolsheviks

10) The Black Panther  


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