Connections Quiz 29

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1. Which famous queen killed herself with an Asp?

2. Who was known as The Lady of the Lamp?

3. Which creation of Len Deighton?s featured in the novels The Ipcress File and Funeral in Berlin?

4. Who painted the ?White Horse? first shown in 1825?

5. Born at Greenwich in 1491, who was the second son of Henry VII?

6. Who set sail in 1492 in the Santa Maria?

7. Who was the Tory or blue team captain in the quiz show ?If I ruled the world??

8. Which series of erotic films starred Sylvia Krystal in the 1970s?

9. What was the name of the London radio broadcaster that won mastermind in the early 80s, whilst doing a completely different job?

10. What is the connection?  


1. Cleopatra (Cleo)

2. Florence Nightingale (Nurse)

3. Harry Palmer (Spying)

4. John Constable (Constable)

5. Henry VIII (Henry)

6. Christopher Columbus (Columbus)

7. Graham Garden (Doctor)

8. Emmanuelle (Emmanuelle)

9. Fred Housego (Cabby)

10. Carry On films


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