Connections Quiz 43

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The following quiz round was submitted by Mike Parker from the UK.

Monday night is quiz night at The Cavalier, 67 Russell Lane, London N20 0BB.

Many thanks again Mike, another great connections round!

1. Who does Josh Brolin portray in the title role of a 2008 film directed by Oliver Stone?

2. Who won an Oscar as producer of ?One flew over the cuckoo?s nest? in 1975 and as an actor in 1987 for his role in ?Wall Street??

3. Who plays the role of Jack Bauer in the TV series ?24??

4. Prior to Lewis Hamilton, who was the last British driver to win the Formula 1 world driver?s championship?

5. Who did Louise Nurding marry on 29th June 1998?

6. Which Austrian  composed the Blue Danube waltz, the Emperor waltz as well as the operetta ?Die Fledermaus? and was known as the ?Waltz King??

7. Born in 1949, which English novelist?s works include The Rachel Papers, London Fields and Time?s Arrow?

8. Who played the role of Captain America alongside Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper in the 1968 film ?Easy Rider??

9. Which singer was at number one for four weeks in February and March 2002 with the song ?Hero??

10. The connection is?


1. George W Bush (George Bush)

2. Michael Douglas  (Kirk Douglas)

3. Kiefer Sutherland (Donald Sutherland)

4. Damon Hill  (Graham Hill)

5. Jamie Redknapp (Harry Redknapp)

6. Johan Strauss  (Johann Strauss)

7. Martin Amis (Kingsley Amis)

8. Peter Fonda (Henry Fonda)

9. Enrique Iglesias(Julio Iglesias)

10. They all followed the same profession / occupation as their father


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