Connections Quiz 44

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1. Edith Piaf was famous for her big voice; by what other colloquial term was she known?

2. Who came last in the 1988 Olympic ski jump?

3. Who was the floorwalker character in the TV comedy series Are you being served?

4. Which did Nicholas Lyndhurst play in Goodnight Sweatheart?

5. What role did Steve Coogan play in the TV series knowing me knowing you?

6. Which sound is said to have saved Rome when the Gauls attacked in 390bc?

7. Which 1970's TV drama series starred Adam Faith?

8. Which animal was depicted on the farthing?

9. What was the first hotel built on the Las Vegas strip by Bugsy Segal

10. What is the connection?  


1. Little Sparrow

2. Eddie (The Eagle) Edwards

3. Captain Peacock

4. Gary Sparrow

5. Alan Partridge

6. The honking of geese

7. Budgie

8. Wren

9. Flamingo

10. Birds


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